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needs to be 3x004 Who is Alison Angel you may ask. If you don't know yet I strongly urge you to read on and find out. She is quite possibly the most angelic natural looking blonde beauty I have ever laid eyes on. When I learned this site was created by the FTV Girls crew and run in part by Alison Angel herself I jumped at the opportunity to explore this beauty further. The first time I visited Alison Angel's main page my eyes instantly fixated on the most amazing breasts I have ever seen. Those breasts belong to the absolutely gorgeous 19 year old Alison Angel. Touted as "Heavenly, Gorgeous, Natural" I was very intrigued. Upon starting the tour I was greeted by over 70 sample photos of this "girl next door" beauty. I only needed to see a few of the photos and the 2 minute sample video to want to dive head first into the members area. Alison Angel has such a clean, pure, and sexy look. I just needed to see more. I did however (for the sake of those that might possibly need more persuading) take a look at the FAQ page of the tour. It's obvious that Alison takes this site serious and the members are in for a treat. Nothing is held back. She includes full screen shots of the members area as well as a nice detailed question and answer session. Its obvious Alison Angel means business and her business is satisfying her members.
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From within the member area I encounter what I expected. Near perfection. I went to the "about me" section to find out more about this beauty. Everything is covered from her measurements to her likes and dislikes. I was pleasantly surprised to find Alison's personal email address is made available to members as well. She takes member feedback seriously and will post feedback that is important to your enjoyment of the site. Next I went to Alison's journal. This is a blog of sorts, that is real detailed including photos of her adventures. After reading this I seriously feel like I know this gorgeous creature. Her ability to communicate with her members is nothing short of outstanding. I then proceeded to her "playground" and "girlfriends" pages which consist of personal videos and photos of Alison and her friends in real life situations. This area corresponds with her journal as many of the video scenes have already been discussed in her journal entries. Let's put it this way Alison leads an active lifestyle and her videos of her with friends prove it. Hot naked sexy bodies and sexual situations are the norm.

On to the custom quality photos and videos of Alison herself. These make up the bulk of the main members area. At the time of this review I am looking at 90 different photo and video sets. These sets include night time shoots, exotic locations, unique locations, water, public nudity, and more. It seems that nothing is out of the question for Alison. The photos are of excellent quality. Each gallery is laid out with generous yet fast loading thumbnails. The full size images are large and crystal clear. The videos are in both WMV and DivX formats. Choose your favorite format and simply download or stream the videos from your browser. Each video page contains a full set of video capture screen shots to give you a perfect preview of what to expect. The videos are fresh and pure and show Alison as the sexy angel she truly is.

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